2014 was the year when it all initiated with our team of some imaginative teenagers- Team High Dreamers and our blog Game Reviews Plus Bangladesh, abbreviated as GR+ BD. Initially it was a blog on gaming, but soon the topics expanded, and the name was changed to Green Rangers Plus Bangladesh, still maintaining the abbreviation GR+ BD.

GR+ BD was the dreamland for our team of dreamers. But there were challenges. See, It requires money, time and hard work to maintain a blog with regular quality content- which was not really easy for us to afford. Again, as time went, not all our team members kept up their interest in blogging . So, we were struggling to hold on. Finally, in the beginning of 2018, the decision to discontinue had to be taken.

Time flies. It hits hard to think that more than 5 years since then have passed already. But despite the time that has passed, our, or at least my emotions to GR+ BD remains as strong as ever. The story of GR+ BD is a dream to behold, to walk alongside with. And even when reality keeps pushing our dreams farther and farther away, dreams are what inspires us to move forward. Although it’s been a long interval, I still wanted to return and revisit our aspirations with fresh eyes.

GR+ BD was originally a technology blog, and with this new beginning, it is remaining as such. But since I have started another blog, Neonbati, in Bangla, after some discussion, I have decided to switch the primary language of GR+ BD to English. I hope, this will allow us to reach a wider audience. It’s time to behold our dreams, once again. Great things to come in sha Allah.

Tahmid Hasan Muttaky
Member of Team High Dreamers

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