Virtual RAM: What You Should Know Before Buying a Smartphone

Virtual RAM technology has been quite popular in smartphones released in recent years. Different terms like extended RAM, memory fusion technology, dynamic RAM, rapid memory and so on are being used by the brands to refer to essentially this same technology, virtual RAM, where the idea is to use a part of the storage as RAM. Read this article in Bangla: ভার্চুয়াল র‌্যাম: স্মার্টফোন কেনার আগে যেটুকু জানা প্রয়োজন The idea of virtual RAM is not very new. If you have been using internet since a long ago, you might have come across tutorials to increase RAM in smartphone. But it wasn’t really simple then, as it required to have root access. But now in many smartphones, it’s just a matter of one toggle. But the question is whether it is of any use in real life? If you want to decide your next smartphone wisely, you should have the…

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